"Game based on the Blockchain of Ethereum".


Fast guide

1. Please verify that you have one of these wallet in order to be able to deposit:

*Note: We advise you to use the MetaMask wallet, because is the easiest one to use

2. Once you have the wallet, send the amount you will bet to the following address:


Amount that you can bet in ETHER.
Minimum 0.01
Maximum 20

3. After you make the transaction, check your address with and verify that the deposit has been made correctly.
Bottom play

*Note: Video Tutorial.

4. Once the deposit is done, check your game in the results bar:


*Note: For more information, consult the complementary guide.


What is jackypot?

It is a slot game with an accumulated prize that uses the blockchain tecnology of Ethereum.

Machine Slot

Characteristics of Jackypot:

1. Only accepts ETHER cryptocurrency.

2. Automated payments.

3. Use an intelligent contract to perform each of its operations.

4. Each bet probability is transparent and reliable.

5. The only requirement you need is an electronic wallet of ETHEREUM.

Step 1: How to deposit?

1. Deposit in:


An amount between 0.01 Ether up to 20 Ether that you want to bet or if you like you can scan the Q.R. To play with the betting address:

a. MyEtherWallet:


b. Metamask:


c. Mist

Mist step 1 Mist step 2

d. Jaxx

Jaxx Wallet

e. Exodus

Step 1

Exodus Step 1

Step 2

Exodus Step 2

*Note: If you do not have any of those wallets, use this link to obtain one. It only takes 1 minute.

2. Go to the page and check if your bet has already apearred in the table of results table or in the bar that is under Last game

Results of the table

*Note: Your transaction may take 1 to 2 minutes to load or sometimes takes longer and this is not in our hands, as we depend on the ETHEREUM Blockchain.

3. With your address you can enter to and see your withdrawal and deposit information.

4. After each bet you can find your address in the list where the last bet of the players appear.
Bottom play

*Note: Click on the play button to watch the replay and relive the play.

5. When winning, the delivery of your prize will be automatically.
Bottom play

We make revisions of the Blockchain 24 hours a day. If for any reason you have not received your prize, please contact us through our email: And you will receive your prize as soon as possible.

The results of the games may be visible in the list of

The results of the game

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions; please contact


Step 2: How to play?

When your transaction is reflected in the blockchain, the game automatically rotates and the following happens:

Ways to Win Examples That is Figures
Triple figures Suppose you bet 1 ETH and fall currency & currency & currency. With this combination, you win your bet of 1 ETH x 3 = 3 ETH Get 300% of your bet. Triple coins
Doubles figures Suppose you bet 1 ETH and fall Cherry & Cherry & Seven. With this combination, you win your bet of 1 ETH x 1.1 = 1.1 ETH You get 110% of your. Doubles Cherrys

How to play

The Unicorn The Unicorn prize:

Occurs ONLY when there are 3 consecutive winning spins of "Coin & Coin & Coin". And it is calculated with the following formula:

Unicorn Prize = the percentage of the missing average to be delivered (600%) plus the sum of the prize awarded (900%)

In other words

Unicorn Prize = 600% +900%
Unicorn Prize = 1500%

*Note: For more information see Table 1. The breakdown of the formula in ANNEXES.

*Note: The total Ether you receive for the unicorn prize varies according to what you bet on each consecutive winning roll, giving you a chance to win 1,500% of your transactions in which you deposited consecutively.

What happens when your prize exceeds the POT total?

In this case your prize will only be the total that the POT has at that moment.

Pot total example


You deposited 20 ETH and won Coin & Coin & Coin, your prize is 20 ETH x 3 = 60 ETH. But in the POT there are only 40 ETH, therefore, the missing will be sent when more ETHER is accumulated in the pot.

Proccess of the exmaple

*Note: The pot is the historical acumulated of the 80% of the total of deposits, it can even add up to 1000 ETHER as maximum limit.

*Note: We remind you that:

Please do not use exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc... They do not work because it does not allow us control the address of shipment. We recommend you use any of these wallet:
Not use Wallet recommend
Not use Wallet recommend
Not use Wallet recommend
Wallet recommend
Wallet recommend

*Note: We advise you to use the MetaMask wallet, as it is the easiest to use.

To see if you have won, you must enter your Ethereum address in the search engine (filter) as follows:



Our game and contracts are completely open source and free to use on github. All data is public and can be viewed at

Our game always gives a random result through the request we make to Oraclize, a company specializing in the transfer of information, security and those who act as a data provider, who request them from, which is a service of creation of random information and in that way is generated that results.

We don’t intervene with the results of each game

Below is explained in detail, how each bet is processed:

  1. Users deposit the amount to bet of Ethereum from their wallet.
  2. Jackypot counts with blockchain´s technology using an intelligent contract which is performed in a transparent and save way.
  3. Our Oraclize provider who specializes in transparency connects with who are responsible for generating the random numbers
  4. sends the random numbers that were generated to Oraclize.
  5. Oraclize sends the data to the intelligent contract.
  6. The contract interprets the results, calculates the prizes and directs them to the winners.
  7. The results are reflected in

• Because Jackypot is a revolution with the high technology of Blokchain applied in Ethereum, providing the best standards in security and speed, as well as increasing the possibility of winning up to 55.55% chance in winning, contrary to what is determined in other sites of bets

• In Figure 1, which is in Annexes, you can see all the odds of pairs that exist to be able to draw a prize.

• In figure 2, it is observed that there is the possibility of winning with 3 equal figures.

• Resulting in 15 out of 27 ways to win in Jackypot.

• This equals a 55.55% chance of winning prizes.

• Plus the opportunity to take the prizes of the POT that is accumulated of 80% of each deposit.

• Providing a chance to get the maximum reward offered by Jackypot "The Unicorn Prize" where you get a chance to win 1,500% of your thres deposits consecutive

We have sent our open source code to be valued by the different institutions.

In the Universities:

Harvard University (

Stanford University (

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

California Institute of Technology (

University of California-Berkeley (

Princeton University (

University of Cambridge (

University of Chicago (

University of Yale (

University of Duke(

University of Pennsylvania (

University of Columbia (

University of Virgnia (

University of Michigan (

Fields Medal:

Artur Ávila (

Manjul Bhargava (

Martin Hairer (

Stanislaw Smirnow (

Nobel Prize in Physics:

Albert Fert (

Peter Higgs (

Frank Wilzcek (

Rainer Weiss (

Barry Barish (

Kip Thorne (

Serge Haroche(

David J. Wineland (

Saul Perlmutter (

Brian P. Schmidtt( brian schmidt anu edu au)

Adam G. Riess( )


Carlos Slim (@fund_carlosslim)

VitalikButerin (@VitalikButerin)

Gavin Andresen (@gavinandresen)

Tone Vays (@tonevays)

Jihan Wu (@jihanwu)

SalilPitroda (@spitroda)

Bill Gates (@BillGates)

Warren Buffet (@WarrenBuffett)

Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos)

Amancio Ortega (

Mark Zuckerberg (@MuckZuckerburg)

Larry Elison (@larryellison)

Charles Koch (@CKinstitute)

Michael Bloomber (@MikeBloomberg)


At our goal is to overcome and constantly innovate the technology of online games through the Blockchain of Ethereum, offering our customers a service of technological and financial solutions that help them enter the world of cryptography.

We are a company where our partners demonstrate the enormous passion and dedication in each character code implemented in our game, so the client is sure to obtain the best satisfaction and entertainment.

We are sure that the success of our clients becomes our own success and that is the solution of your free time with a high degree of security and comfort.



1. How to create my MyEtherWallet wallet?

2. How to deposit to from MyEtherWallet?


1. How to create my Metamask wallet?

2. How to deposit to from Metamask?


1. How to create my Mist wallet?

2. How to deposit to from Mist?


1. How to create my Jaxx wallet?

2. How to deposit to from Jaxx?


1. How to create my Exodus wallet?

2. How to deposit to from Exodus?

1. How to verify my deposit in

2. How to check my bet on

3. How to play in


1. How to verify my deposit?


Broken down formula:

Unicorn Prize (1,500%) = Total of ether wagered between the number of consecutive plays multiplied by the percentage of the missing average to be delivered plus the sum of the prize handed over.

That is to say:

Unicorn Prize (1,500%): (A ÷ B) × C + D

A = Total of ether wagered

B = Number of consecutive plays (3)

C = Percentage of the average missing to deliver (600%)

D = Sum of the prize awarded (900%)


Step 1:

Dropped Deposit Is Ether
1 1 ETH Earned: Coin & Coin & Coin, your prize is 1 ETH x 3 = 3 ETH
2 2 ETH Earned: Coin & Coin & Coin, your prize is 2 ETH x3 = 6 ETH
3 3 ETH Earned: Coin & Coin & Coin, your prize is 3 ETH x3 = 9 ETH

Breakdown Operation Total
Total ether bet 1 ETH + 2 ETH + 3 ETH 6 ETH
Number of consecutive plays 1 + 1 +1 3 Players
Sum of average delivered 3 ETH + 6 ETH + 9 ETH 18 ETH
Percentage of missing average 600 / 100 6

Step 2:

Total ether bet 6 ETH
Number of consecutive plays 3
Percentage of missing average 6
Total of the average percentage missing to deliver 12

Average percentage missing 12 ETH
Sum of the award given 18 ETH
Total ether received by the unicorn prize 30